Green Mountain Grill Reviews

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The story of Green Mountain Grills (GMG) started with a man who had a pellet grill and he knew that he can make it much better. So, GMG was founded in 2008 and it took the company a few years until they perfected their grills. The brand became a true contender in 2014 once they decided to lower their prices.

What made GMG very popular are their attractive products that have many desirable features, including a Wi-Fi option. It can be said that the company is partially responsible for the spread of Wi-Fi pellet grills. Thanks to their high tech and well-built pellet grills, the company has gained a loyal following. However, finding their products online is not an easy task since GMG focuses on its dealer network.

Buying a pellet grill is a serious investment. Even the most inexpensive pellet grills can cost about several hundred dollars. So, since you are already planning to invest money in a pellet grill, we advise you to primarily take construction and performance into consideration. It is better to buy a well-built pellet grill with a great controller rather than an average pellet grill with plenty of accessories for one simple reason – the first grill will cook better and last longer. Buying such a grill might cost a bit more initially, but, in the long run, you’ll be saving money since you won’t have to deal with replacing igniters, probes, rusted parts, or even the entire grill.

The greatest thing about Green Mountain pellet grills is that they combine quality build and all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. Keep reading to find out more about Green Mountain pellet grills and how they compare to the competitors.

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Traeger Pellet Grills Review

traeger grill reviews

If you’re reading this article, then it’s quite likely that you’ve done some research about pellet grills and you’re ready to invest in one. Also, you’re probably hoping to find the one that is perfect for your backyard and that has a reasonable price. If that’s the case, then Traeger pellet grills are an excellent choice for you.

Joe Traeger came up with this type of grill in 1986. Ever since then, Traeger has been the top-selling pellet grill. Their products are not only known for their high-quality and durability, but also for that signature smoky flavor you can achieve only when using wood pellets. Whether you plan to sear, bake, barbecue, smoke, or roast your food, Traeger has special wood pellets that will bring out the best taste there is.

But, choosing a Traeger grill can be a bit difficult with so many different models and versions available. Long story short, the manufacturer produces four main lines of grills – Traeger Pro, Traeger Ironwood, Traeger Timberline, and Traeger Tailgater. In addition, there are also a handful of other popular models such as the Junior Elite, Renegade Elite, and Bronson.

We’ve decided to come up with a detailed guide and review the best Traeger pellet grills available on the market, explain the differences between the models, and see how they stack up against their competition. We also compared newer models to the older ones so you can easily decide whether you need all the latest bells and whistles or if the slightly outdated version will do the trick for you. Keep reading to find the perfect Traeger grill for your needs.

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