Green Mountain Grill Reviews

The story of Green Mountain Grills (GMG) started with a man who had a pellet grill and he knew that he can make it much better. So, GMG was founded in 2008 and it took the company a few years until they perfected their grills. The brand became a true contender in 2014 once they decided to lower their prices.

What made GMG very popular are their attractive products that have many desirable features, including a Wi-Fi option. It can be said that the company is partially responsible for the spread of Wi-Fi pellet grills. Thanks to their high tech and well-built pellet grills, the company has gained a loyal following. However, finding their products online is not an easy task since GMG focuses on its dealer network.

Buying a pellet grill is a serious investment. Even the most inexpensive pellet grills can cost about several hundred dollars. So, since you are already planning to invest money in a pellet grill, we advise you to primarily take construction and performance into consideration. It is better to buy a well-built pellet grill with a great controller rather than an average pellet grill with plenty of accessories for one simple reason – the first grill will cook better and last longer. Buying such a grill might cost a bit more initially, but, in the long run, you’ll be saving money since you won’t have to deal with replacing igniters, probes, rusted parts, or even the entire grill.

The greatest thing about Green Mountain pellet grills is that they combine quality build and all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. Keep reading to find out more about Green Mountain pellet grills and how they compare to the competitors.

Top Pick – Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled

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GMG designed its Davy Crockett pellet grill for tailgating and camping. The tricky thing about designing such grills is making them small enough to fit in an average car but large enough to cook for a group. GMG tried their best and ended up with a pellet grill that packs a 12” x 18” cooking surface into a relatively compact 60-pound package, making it a lightweight family-sized grill. In addition, the manufacturer included adapters that allow you to power the grill from the cigarette lighter, so you wouldn’t have to worry about needing an electrical outlet.

Just like all the other pellet grills, this one also generates heat through wood pellets that are placed in a hopper and then moved to the firebox. When it comes to the pellets, GMG makes their own, but any other brand will work well with the Davy Crockett.

When it comes to the performance, most of the pellet grills feature a knob for controlling the temperature. However, the Davy Crockett uses up and down arrows. This doesn’t make controlling the temperature rocket science, but it is useful to know the button combinations in advance.

Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled Overview

What makes this pellet grill different from others is its out-of-the-box portability. If you travel frequently and love taking your grill with you, then the Davy Crockett is a perfect grill to take on the road with you that doesn’t require any additional accessories to work. And, it comes at a reasonable price. Talking about price, you can buy this grill for just over $300. The low price might make you think that you’d be settling down for a low-quality grill and smoker, but, in reality, you’ll be getting a quality smoker that can fulfill all your grilling and smoking needs. The only downside would be the size of the grill, but, you won’t find a more convenient and portable quality grill for such an affordable price.

Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled Features

Portable Design

What makes the Davey Crockett different from other portable pellet grills? Well, first of all, it is lightweight and features foldable legs that can be used as handles. Then, the grill features a fold-down rack that can be used as a workspace when you are using the grill on the move. And, most importantly, this grill comes with three different power adapters so you would never have to worry about powering your grill.

Precise Temperature Control

All Green Mountain Grills are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled with a tap on the screen. Many tech lovers find the ability to control their grill with a smartphone or tablet very exciting. In addition, this feature will make your grilling experience easier than ever. You won’t have to leave your friends and family to see how far along your food is. The app will give you a very precise temperature reading and you can use to adjust the temperature by as little as five degrees. Last but not least, the grill features an automatic pellet feeder, meaning that it will never get too hot or too cold.

Chimney System

Green Mountain Davy Crockett’s pellet grill features a chimney with an adjustable opening. This feature allows you to open and close the chimney and control the smoke level and the temperature. In addition, this can also help you protect your grill and food from the elements. For example, if the wind keeps cooling down the interior of your grill, you can use the chimney system to prevent this.

Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill with Cover- WiFi Enabled
  • The Davy Crockett model is the ultimate portable grill - perfect for Tailgating! Newest Single Piece Grease Tray Design from GMG.
  • Portable, Folded Legs Double as Handles, Also comes with an All Weather, Durable and water resistant Cover Valued at $42.95!
  • WiFi Mode Connect to your grill through your local home WiFi network
  • Server Mode Connect to your grill remotely through the GMG Server Mode to control and monitor your grill on the go
  • 3 Year Warranty fulfilled by Manufacturer - Best Service and Support Available! With over 30,000 Pellet Grill & Stove Customers , ESES has Best Service/Support Available!! Please message us with any questions before ordering

Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled PROs:

  • A well-built grill that can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • The Wi-Fi controller allows you to remotely control the grill.
  • Foldable legs and lightweight body make this grill perfect for traveling and tailgating.
  • Powering the grill is very easy thanks to the variety of the power adapters that are included.

Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled CONs:

  • The hopper capacity is only 8 pounds.
  • Since the grill is lightweight and the walls are thin, maintaining high temperatures in cold weather might be difficult.

First Runner Up – Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill

Those who are not crazy about picnics and tailgating but want a high-quality pellet grill should definitely take a look at the most popular GMG pellet grill model – Daniel Boone. This pellet grill comes with some features that you won’t find in lower-priced grills and that usually add extra cost to the higher-end grills.

The Daniel Boone comes with a built-in meat probe that reads the internal temperature of the food that’s cooked, an alarm that notifies you when the pellets are running out, work surfaces on both sides of the grill, and tool hooks. According to the manufacturer, the temperature ranges from 150°F to 500°F.

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill Overview

The grill also features a touchpad digital controller that allows you to set the temperature and leave the grill to do all the work while you spend some time with your family and friends. Thanks to the inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, you can use your phone or tablet to monitor the grill or even change the temperature while you’re relaxing. The grill includes a “turbo mode” as well that helps the grill get to operating temperature faster when the outside temperature is less than 35°F.

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill Features

Excellent Capacity and Price

The Davey Crockett features a compact and lightweight design perfect for tailgating, but the grill size is relatively small. Daniel Boone, on the other hand, features a larger cooking area of 458 square inches. The grill of this size is perfect for making food for a group of people but also for a party of two. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for those who love to call friends and family over for some quality BBQ.

When it comes to the price, Daniel Boone is priced in the medium range. So, this grill won’t be too heavy on your wallet and yet it will perform excellently.

High-Capacity Hopper

Since this grill runs on pellets, the size of the pellet hopper is very important. The Daniel Boone can hold 17lbs of pellets which are automatically fed into the auger. The auger features a high-quality motor and optimal torque so that it could feed the pellets into the fire consistently and smoothly.

Open-Flame Technology

This pellet grill comes with two perforated baffle plates that sit on top of each other. The idea behind this concept is that the plates should side laterally over each other so the perforations are in line allowing direct heat through to the food. The perforations can also be obscured by the solid area of the adjacent baffle plate constituting the “indirect heat” set up.

Additional Accessories

The Daniel Boone pellet grill comes with plenty of advanced features. However, there are also a few accessories that you can buy additionally such as a dome thermometer, form-fitted grill cover, and a stainless steel no-warp lid. You can also get a digital Wi-Fi controller that allows you to control the grill remotely. With the controller, you can create food profiles, change the grill temperature, set a timer, and monitor the food temperature.

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill Features PROs:

  • Well-built pellet grill with 458 square inches of cooking space.
  • The high-capacity hopper that can hold 17lbs of pellets.
  • The grill includes many advanced features.
  • There are many affordable additional accessories available.

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill Features CONs:

  • The maximum temperature is only 500°F.
  • Some users say that the grill doesn’t hold the temperature well in cold weather.

Second Runner Up – Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill

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What users love about the Jim Bowie pellet grill is the excellent price and the features that make this grill more convenient, functional, and safer than many other models that are available on the market. The grill may seem simple because it is easy to use, but a lot of thought has gone into designing it.

For example, the manufacturer made sure that the grill has a wide temperature range and that it’s easy to control the temperatures. In addition, the grill features a cooking chamber and a side-mounted pellet hopper with a 17-pound capacity. The grill also features an advanced auger that feeds the pellets into the firepot, a fan to boost combustion and control temperature, and a control unit. The temperature range of the grill is from 170°F to 500°F, and the temperature can be adjusted in 5-degree increments.

Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Overview

Similarly to the other models, this Green Mountain pellet grill includes several unique features. First of all, it has an alarm that goes off when the hopper starts running out of pellets. Then, there is a pressure fan that keeps the sparks out of the auger. And, the users can switch to a special mode that ensures the grill heats up quickly when the weather is cold.

Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Features

Wi-Fi Enabled Pellet Grill

All Green Mountain Grills can be upgraded to become Wi-Fi-enabled units. This upgrade allows the user to control the grill remotely in a 100-feet range. Thanks to the GMG app, the user can view the cooking time, track the grill temperature, and track the internal cooking temperature. In addition, the app can be used to alert the user when the food temperature reaches a certain point, to set timer alerts, and to adjust the cooking temperature.

Advanced Digital Controller

Jim Bowie’s digital controller is advanced, sturdy, and easy to use. It features a digital readout and allows the user to easily set the temperature. In addition, you can plug a meat probe into the controller and read the internal meat temperature with the press of a button.

Turbo Mode

One neat feature of the GMG pellet grills is the turbo mode. As soon as the outside temperature drops below 35°F (2°C), the turbo mode kicks in. This feature feeds more pellets so the grill could heat up faster in the cold temperature.

Other Features

When it comes to some other features, let’s start by saying that the grill comes with 658 inches of grilling space, making it perfect for small families as well as larger gatherings.

Then, there is the low pellet alarm which we already mentioned briefly. The pellet hopper has a sensor and, as soon as the amount of pellets falls below the sensor, an alarm sounds and notifies the user that the hopper needs refilling. Once the alarm sounds, the user still has at least 30 minutes before the hopper runs dry or even longer.

Speaking of pellets, did you know that you can reduce pellet consumption in cold weather? GMG made a special thermal blanket that will reduce pellet consumption and help you save some money. However, if you don’t plan to use the grill frequently in the winter, then you don’t need to invest in this accessory.

Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill PROs:

  • 658 inches of cooking space which is enough even for large groups.
  • Advanced digital controller and precise temperature control.
  • The large capacity hopper that also features a low-pellet alarm.
  • Turbo mode that allows the grill to heat up faster in cold climates.

Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill CONs:

  • The grill is made of thin metals that don’t hold the heat extremely well in the cold weather.
  • The maximum temperature of the grill is 500°F.

Green Mountain Grills Accessories

Besides the standard features that every Green Mountain pellet grill is equipped with, there are plenty of accessories that can be bought additionally to enrich your BBQ experience and make the grills even more convenient.

Those who decide to go for the Davy Crockett will definitely love the matching carrying tote bag. This bag is specifically designed to improve portability and protect your pellet grill. It features a weatherproof zipper that protects the grill from any outside elements and heavy-duty carrying handles. The tote bag was also built to be able to withstand all the wear and tear that may happen on your adventures. The bag is available in two colors – black and camo.

In addition, GMG also made a grill cover for every model. The cover was designed so that it can fit the grill perfectly and also withstand even the toughest weather condition. A grill cover is an additional investment, but it will certainly extend the lifetime of your GMG pellet grill.

All GMG grills use wood pellets which, of course, need to be purchased frequently. The manufacturer also considered this and came up with a thermal blanket that can reduce pellet consumption by up to 50%. The blanket was built to withstand the toughest weather conditions and to keep your grill warm in the wintertime. However, if you don’t plan to use your grill frequently during the winter, then you should reconsider buying this accessory.

Last but not least, an additional upper rack can be bought for each Green Mountain pellet grill model. For example, Daniel Boone can fit up to three upper racks, meaning that you’ll get three more cooking levels. So, if you liked GMG grills but you weren’t satisfied with the cooking space, here is a solution for that as well.

If you’re interested in getting a pellet grill, then Green Mountain Grill models are definitely the ones you should take into consideration. The company offers quality products at an affordable price. All GMG feature enhanced technology and provide that irresistible smoky flavor, so you can’t go wrong.

In addition, different models will suit all your grilling needs. If you frequently go camping and tailgating, then the Davy Crockett grill is the perfect choice for you. If you need a medium-sized pellet grill with versatile functions, then Daniel Boone is the one for you. And, last but not least, those who prefer larger cooking space will be satisfied with everything that Jim Bowie has to offer.

Known Facts – More things to consider about Green Mountain Grills

We’ve made a list of frequently asked questions on Green Mountain Grills that could be helpful to you.

Are Green Mountain Grills good?

The Green Mountain Grills have a few unique features that make their products stand out from the crowd. All models offer excellent temperature control, a wide cooking range, and a large-capacity pellet hopper. Also, they are equipped with WiFi, allowing you to control the grills remotely, and can be bought at an affordable price.

Where are Green Mountain Grills made?

Green Mountain Grills headquarters are located in Reno, Nevada. Even though this is a USA company, their grills are manufactured in China.

Which Green Mountain Grill is the best?

It seems that the most popular Green Mountain Grill model among the buyers is the Davy Crockett. This model features a modern design and it is lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you. Also, the unit features three power options, SenseMate thermal sensor, and WiFi for remote control.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Pit Boss?

Green Mountain Grills offer low price grills, but they are not as affordable as Pit Boss Models. According to user reviews, GMG models don’t offer that many functionalities in the price range as compared to the Pit Boss. But, what they do offer is remote control thanks to the WiFi feature which Pit Boss lacks. Learn more about Pit Boss Smokers here.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Traeger?

Green Mountain Grills are cheaper than their equivalent Traeger model. GMG models do stand out when it comes to temperature control. Even though this is not a big difference, GMG makes models with that max out at 550°F compared to 450°F – 500°F (depending on model) for the Traeger. However, Traeger makes more traditional, sturdier, and larger models. Click here to find out more about Traeger grills.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Rec Tec?

Rec Tec and Green Mountain Grills are very similar in terms of build quality and performance. However, GMG tends to make units that are significantly lighter than Rec Tec models. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable model, GMG is the way to go. For example, the Davy Crockett weighs just 68 pounds. Learn More about Rec Tec Grills here.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Louisiana Grills?

Both Louisiana Grills and GMG make quality smokers that can maintain consistent heat and cook your food perfectly every time. The two companies even price their models similarly. However, there is one feature that makes GMG models slightly better – the WiFi option, which allows the users to control their grill remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Click here to learn more about Louisiana Grills.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Camp Chef?

Camp Chef makes some of the most affordable smokers on the market, and this makes their models a better choice for those who are on a budget. Camp Chef products feature the Slide and Grill technology uses a clever sliding lever to open an internal firebox. This allows both direct flame grilling and indirect cooking in a single unit. However, GMG units use more advanced technology and can be controlled via a smartphone. To find out more about Camp Chef Grills, click here.

Are Green Mountain Grills better than Masterbuilt?

The biggest difference between Masterbuilt and Green Mountain Grills is the price tag. Even though the Davy Crocket is an affordable choice, other GMG models are more expensive. Masterbuilt, on the other hand, offers plenty of models under $500. So, if you’re on a budget, Masterbuilt would be an obvious choice. However, keep in mind that Masterbuilt smokers are not as portable as GMG ones. For more information about Masterbuilt Smokers, click here.

What are the common problems with Green Mountain Grills?

Similar to many other grills and smokers, GMG models have trouble maintaining consistent heat. Some users also complained about grill’s igniter which fails to work due to insufficient ash in the firebox. Also, some customers heard an unusual clicking sound. If there’s a clicking sometimes, this can be for the reason that the wires might block the auger motor fan.