Louisiana Grills Review

louisiana pellet grill reviews

Louisiana Grills, along with Traeger, is one of the first manufacturers that entered the pellet smoker market. The company is a well-known brand with some history. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Louisiana Grills products are available in the USA online as well as in some hearth and patio stores.

For years, the company has experimented with different designs and features to improve the quality of their products. Their most famous grills are the Country Smokers, Colonial Smokers, and the Estate line. The Country Smokers are the typical horizontal smokers made out of powder-coated steel. The Colonial Smokers look like gas grills and they feature enclosed carts and side shelves. When it comes to the Estate line, it consists of drop-in smoker heads which are meant to be permanently installed. According to the manufacturer, the Colonial and Estate products are still to be upgraded

Louisiana Grills are one of the most versatile grills available on the market. If you’re looking for a grill that you can use for smoking, grilling, and baking, then make sure to check out our top 3 Louisiana Grills.

If you already own one of these smokers and are looking for ways to get more for your money, check out our article on Louisiana Grill replacement parts & accessories.

Top Pick – Louisiana Grills LG1100

As you may get the hint from the model number, Louisiana Grills LG1100 is a quite large pellet grill. You get 1,100 square inches of cooking surface. The main surface is 750 square inches large and you also get a 350-square inch upper cooking rack which is removable. If you love hosting large social gatherings, then this grill is a must-have for you. In addition, it features cast-iron surface meaning that it was built to last.

As with every other pellet grill, the LG1100 the natural hardwood pellets give your food an authentic smoky flavor and ensure the ultimate BBQ experience. Whether you want to grill burgers, smoke ribs, bake pizza, or sear or charbroil a steak, this grill can do it all. The Flame Broiler accessory allows you to cook your food over an open flame.

Louisiana Grills LG1100 Overview

Using this grill is as easy as using an oven. It features electric ignition which ensures easy startup and fan-forced convection which ensures even cooking temperature. The digital control center allows you to set the temperature from 170°F to 600°F and it also provides precise temperature control. The grill also features a programmable meat probe interface, which allows you to cook with even greater precision.

According to some users, the only downside of this grill would be the hopper. The grill comes with a 14-lb. hopper and this means that you will have to refill it every few hours. But, let’s face it, since the grill does all the job for you, refilling the hopper is not that demanding. You still get to enjoy spending time outdoors without having to babysit your grill. In addition, the manufacturer offers a hopper extension that can make this problem go away as well.

Louisiana Grills LG1100 Features

Set It and Forget It

One of the greatest advantages of this grill is that you don’t have to check on it all the time. The grill automatically starts up, and, once you’re done with it, automatically cools down. The digital control center allows you to choose the desired temperature (between 170°F and 600°F). Once you do so, the grill will maintain the temperature on its own. In addition, the full programmable meat probe ensures the “set it and forget it” cooking experience.

Programmable Meat Probe

What does having a programmable meat probe mean exactly? As you know, a meat probe is used for measuring the temperature of your food. The probe will display the internal temperature of your meat on the LED display.

The “programmable” part means that you won’t have to check on your food at all. Once you choose the desired internal meat temperature, the grill will automatically adjust the heat so that the desired temperature is maintained.

Open Flame Grilling

Flame Broiler is a neat accessory that comes with this grill. It is a slide-plate which allows you to go for the direct or indirect open flame grilling. With the help of this accessory, you will finally be able to grill your steaks and burgers to perfection. And, the proprietary exhaust system will ensure that all your food is cooked evenly.

Louisiana Grills 61100-LG1100 LG 1100 Pellet Grill, 1061 Square Inch
  • LG 1100 Series Wood Pellet Grill. Dimensions- 26 x 43.25 x 23 inches
  • 1061 Sq. In Cooking Surface (731 Main 330 Upper)
  • Porcelain Cast Iron Main Grids
  • Porcelain Steel Removable Upper Cooking Grid
  • Digital Control Center

Louisiana Grills 61100-LG1100 Pros

  •         The grill features rugged 14-gauge powder-coated steel construction.
  •         Large cooking surface – 1100 square inches.
  •         Digital control center maintains a consistent temperature.
  •         Temperature range is between 170°F and 600°F.
  •         Flame Broiler allows you to grill over an open flame.

Louisiana Grills 61100-LG1100 Cons

  •         Hopper capacity is 14 pounds.
  •         Some users complain that the grill is prone to rust.

First Runner Up – Louisiana Grills LG700

Louisiana Grills LG700 is one of the sturdiest grills you will come across. Made out of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel, the grill boasts 700 square inches of cooking surface. Both the main surface, which is 497 square inches large and the upper cooking rack (210 square inches) are porcelain coated. Having this in mind, it is safe to say that this pellet grill covers all your grilling needs.

With the LG700 not only can you grill but also bake, smoke, slow roast, and chair broil your food to perfection, every time. In addition, using different pellet options will give your food the authentic smoky flavor. The temperature can be adjusted from 170°F and 600°F, which is slightly higher than the average pellet grill.

Louisiana Grills LG700 Overview

One of the greatest features of this grill is the ease of use. The LG700 takes the hassle out of watching your food. You can set the temperature using the push button controls and the grill will do the rest all by itself – start up, cook, and automatically shut off once it’s done. This reduces the chances of burning your food and ensures even cooking whether you have 30 minutes or the entire day to cook your food.

In addition, you won’t have to wait long for the grill to reach high temperatures. Thanks to the burner and exhaust system which circulates the air, reaching high temperatures have never been faster. The LG700 also uses a convection method of cooking which ensures evenly cooked meals every time.

Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 Features

Easy to Use

Using the LG700 is incredibly easy thanks to the digital controller. The controller resembles an oven’s control panel and it makes adjusting the temperature very easy. In addition, it provides digital temperature readout.

One of the unique features of this grill is the “Prime” button. Holding this button down will feed more pellets to the burn grate and help the user maintain a steady heat when opening the grill lid. In addition, the controller also includes a programmable meat probe.

Large Cooking Space

With 700 square inches of cooking space, you will never have to worry about feeding a small crowd again. The lower rack features 497 square inches of grilling space and the upper rack 210 square inches of rack space. The upper rack can be easily removed.

Large Pellet Hooper

Some users aren’t satisfied with the 14-pound pellet hopper that comes with this grill. In general, an average pellet grill consumes between 1/2 lbs and 2 lbs of pellets per hour meaning that this hopper can ensure about seven hours of continuous grilling. And, if that is not enough for you, you can get the 20-pound pellet grill hopper extension.

Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 LG 700 Pellet Grill, 707 Square Inch
  • Lg 700 Series wood pellet grill
  • 707 sq. In cooking surface (497 main 210 upper)
  • Porcelain cast iron main grids
  • Porcelain steel removable upper cooking grid
  • Digital control center

Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 Pros

  •         The grill is built out of sturdy materials.
  •         Porcelain-coated large cooking surface.
  •         14-pound pellet hopper ensures hours of continuous grilling.
  •         The grill features a digital control center and a programmable meat probe.

Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 Cons

  •         Some parts of the grill feel cheap.
  •         The grill doesn’t have a drip pan or any shelves or hooks for cooking utensils.

Second Runner Up – Louisiana Grills LG900

Louisiana Grills LG900 is a barrel-shaped pellet grill which features a computer-controlled pellet fuel system. This is one of the manufacturer’s least expensive models. Even though the unit is stripped down to its basics, it still includes some advanced features. Considering that this is one of the lower-priced pellet grills, this model actually is not a bad choice and it comes with a few innovations that are usually not found within this price range.

The body of this grill is made out of heavy sheet metal and thin powder-coated steel. However, the unit is not well insulated and it won’t do a very good job of retaining heat. The good news is that the Louisiana Grills LG900 is light and very easy to move around. Cleaning out the ashes might be a bit problematic, so it would be good to have a shop-vac nearby.

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 Overview

The most distinctive feature of this grill would be the pellet controller. It is a standard 5-degree increment controller with a built-in meat probe. Even though this is not an uncommon feature, you’ll hardly find it in this price range. While the automatic controller is a nice touch, you shouldn’t expect competition-quality performance from this grill. This model is similar to those that you can find in retail stores. But, if you take its price into consideration, it is one hell of a unit then.

Some users stated that the pellet hopper is unusually small. With a 14-pound capacity, the hopper can fuel the grill for up to 7 hours. This is more than enough time for multiple cooking. The manufacturer made sure to think about the long cooks in cold weather conditions which sometimes tend to be problematic. Sure, you can get up and fill the hopper every now and then. But, you can also use the 20-pound hopper extension which can easily be added to the default hopper.

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 Features

Temperature and Digital Control

As we already mentioned, this grill comes with a digital control center which allows the user to set the temperature between 170°F and 600°F. This temperature range is superb for grilling all sorts of meats and vegetables.

The built-in digital display comes in handy when you need an accurate temperature reading. This grill also features touch buttons. Setting and reading the temperature of your grill has never been easier and more futuristic as well.

Large Cooking Area

Louisiana Grills LG900 is one of the larger grills on the market. In total, you get about 900 square inches of cooking space; the main surface is 633 square inches large and you also get the 280-square inch upper cooking rack. If you are planning to grill for a big party, you won’t have to worry about grilling multiple sessions anymore. Or, if you need to cook large chunks of meat, simply remove the cooking rack.

Temperature Gauge and Meat Probe

The digital control area allows you to read the burning temperature of the grill. However, if you want to know the temperature inside the cooking chamber, then all you have to do is take a look at the mounted thermometer. Its convenient position on the lid makes reading the internal temperature very easy.

In addition, this grill also includes a meat probe which can be used to measure the inside temperature of the meat. In order to get accurate readings, all you have to do is insert the probe inside the meat and push the readout button.

Porcelain-Coated Cooking Grate

Cooking grates are a very important part of every grill. This Louisiana Grills model features a cooking grate made out of porcelain-coated cast iron. The durable coating makes cleaning of the grate very easy since you won’t have to worry about damaging it. In addition, the upper grid is made out of stainless steel to prevent any rusting.

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 LG 900 Pellet Grill, 913 Square Inch
  • LG 900 Series Wood Pellet Grill
  • 913 Sq. In Cooking Surface (633 Main 280 Upper)
  • Porcelain Cast Iron Main Grids
  • Porcelain Steel Removable Upper Cooking Grid
  • Digital Control Center

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 Pros

  •         A grill/smoker with large capacity.
  •         Includes a built-in meat probe.
  •         Precise temperature control.
  •         Open flame grilling is possible.
  •         The unit is mobile.

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 Cons

  •         This grill is lightweight.
  •         The pellet hopper is quite small.
  •         It is hard to attain the desired temperature.

Honorable Mention – Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 450

Louisiana Grills CS-450 is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a small smoker. The grill features 450 square inches of cooking surface and porcelain coated steel grates. Just like the other Louisiana Grills, all you have to do is set the desired temperature and wait for your food to cook. The controller will toggle between the set temperature and the meat probe temperature. The thermostat, on the other hand, will maintain the cooking temperature.

To improve safety and ensure perfectly cooked food, you can set the desired temperature of the meat probe. When the internal meat temperature comes within 10⁰F of the target, the controller will automatically drop down the grill temperature. For example, if you’re cooking your food at 225⁰F and looking for an internal meat temperature of 200⁰F, the controller will switch the grill temp to 170⁰F when the meat reaches 190⁰F. This convenient feature prevents overcooking.

Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 450 Overview

Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1680 CS-680 Country Smoker 680
  • 680 sq. in
  • Variable Temperature Range 180° - 500+°
  • Auto Start Electric Igniter

Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 450 Pros

  •         The grill features sturdy build yet it is lightweight.
  •         The cooking surface is perfect for small gatherings.
  •         The grill includes a built-in meat probe.
  •         The digital control center ensures perfectly cooked food every time.

Louisiana Grills Country Smoker 450 Cons

  •         The hopper capacity is small (12 pounds).
  •         Some users state that the grill has problems maintaining the set temperature.

Honorable Mention – LG700 Pellet Grill with Flame Boiler and Smoke Cabinet

We already mentioned the LG700, the sturdy grill that utilizes 700 square inches of cooking surface. The grill is easy to use and the digital control center steadily maintains the set temperature. The temperature range is from 170°F to 600°F. In addition, the grill comes with the Flame Broiler, an accessory that allows you to go for open flame grilling. It seems that this grill is the perfect choice for all BBQ enthusiasts. If only it had larger cooking surface…

Good news is that you can buy this very same grill but with one upgrade – a dedicated smoke cabinet. The cabinet has 1396 square inches of the smoking surface and 5 stainless steel cooking racks. The cabinet is great for full-on smoking or simply keeping your food warm once it’s done. The cabinet comes with neat glow-in-the-dark temperature gauges so you could monitor the temperature easily.

G700 Pellet Grill with Flame Boiler and Smoke Cabinet Overview

LG700 Pellet Grill with Flame Boiler and Smoke Cabinet Pros

  •         The upgraded version of the LG700 grill.
  •         The cabinet adds 1396 sq. in. of the smoking surface.
  •         It includes 5 stainless steel cooking racks.
  •         The cabinet can be used for smoking or keeping the food warm.

LG700 Pellet Grill with Flame Boiler and Smoke Cabinet Cons

  •         The pellet hopper capacity is 14 pounds.
  •         Some parts of the grill feel flimsy.

Honorable Mention – Louisiana Grills Country Super Hog Smoker

So, what if you like the features that all the Louisiana Grills have, but none of these are large enough for you? Well, we saved the best for last. LG Super Hog smoker is one of the largest pellet smokers on the market. This grill consists out of two smokers that are joined with two fire pots and two hoppers. In total, you get 2400 square inches of cooking surface. This model received some significant upgrades in 2014.

Every Louisiana Grills smoker has a digital control center and a programmable meat probe. But, since this grill has two smokers, you also get two meat probes and two digital controlled centers. Thanks to the amazing size of this grill you can roast chickens on the one side and slow smoke briskets on the other. If you remove the middle partition, you’ll free up the entire cooking surface and be able to smoke a whole hog.

Louisiana Grills Country Super Hog Smoker Overview

Louisiana Grills Country Super Hog Smokers, Wood Pellet Grill
  • Dual digital control centers with led read-out and easy-start button
  • Dual full function programmable meat probes
  • Automatic start up and cool down
  • 304 stainless steel cooking grid
  • Industrial grade locking wheels

Louisiana Grills Country Super Hog Smoker Pros

  •         Enormous cooking surface (2400 square inches).
  •         The grill consists of two joined smokers.
  •         Two digital control centers, two meat probes, and two hoppers are included.
  •         The grill comes with an upper cooking rack
  •         Industrial grade wheels make it easier to move the grill around

Louisiana Grills Country Super Hog Smoker Cons

  •         The hopper size is small for some users.


Louisiana Grills is one of the oldest pellet smoker manufacturers. It is a well-known brand which manufactures some of the best pellet grills available on the market. You can choose from three lines – Colonial, Country, and Estate smokers. Even though every smoker has different features, there are a few things all Louisiana Grills have in common.

All of these grills feature an advanced digital control center that maintains a steady temperature and cooks your food to perfection every time. The temperature range of all Louisiana Grills is from 170°F to 600°F. For even greater cooking precision, every grill comes with a programmable meat probe. Majority of smokers come with a 14-pound pellet hopper which can be upgraded.

Do you like Louisiana Grills smokers but feel like you might be missing out on something? Check out our list of the best pellet smokers currently available and see if any of them can top the Louisiana Grills smokers.

More Facts – Getting to know more of Louisiana Grill

Following are the routinely asked questions about Louisiana grill:

Are Louisiana Grills good?

Louisiana Grills is a well-known brand that makes high-quality pellet smokers and grills. What sets Louisiana Grills aside from the competitors is the excellent temperature range from 170°F to 600°F. In addition, every grill comes with a programmable meat probe for greater cooking precision. When it comes to smokers, you can choose between set-and-forget electric smokers or portable gas smokers.

Where are Louisiana Grills made?

Louisiana Grills was one of the first brands to enter the smoker market, right after Traeger grills. The manufacturer is headquartered in Alberta, Canada. Even though the company is Canadian their products are made in the US. However, due to the high demand, some models are manufactured overseas and exported back to the US.

Which Louisiana Grill is the best?

Out of all Louisiana Grill products, there is one smoker that stands out the most – LG900. The unit is made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and features cooking grids with a porcelain coating. The grill proved more than 900 square inches of cooking space and you can use it to slow cook food but also use open flame for grilling.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Pit Boss?

Both Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills meet or exceed professional quality. Both manufacturers use heavy-duty steel to ensure that their models burn hotter and distribute heat evenly across the cooking area. But, what makes Louisiana Grills better is the excellent temperature range. The temperature can be adjusted from 170°F to 600°F. Learn more about Pit Boss Smokers here.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Traeger?

There is one feature that makes Louisiana Grills more versatile and better than Traeger grills – the temperature range. Usually, Traeger smokers can reach up to 500°F. In addition, Louisiana Grills are made of heavy-duty steel, unlike Traeger models. However, Traeger’s updated models come with some quite eye-catching features. Click here to find out more about Traeger grills.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Green Mountain Grills?

Both Louisiana Grills and GMG make quality smokers that can maintain consistent heat and cook your food perfectly every time. In terms of the price, the products are very similar. However, what GMG grills have and Louisiana Grills lack is the WiFi option which makes all the difference and redefines the set-and-forget smokers. For more information about Green Mountain Grills, click here.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Rec Tec?

Both Louisiana Grills and Rec Tec make durable units from heavy-duty steel. In addition, the cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated cast-iron rather than stainless steel. This improves heat distribution and also makes cleanup and maintenance easier. But, according to customer reviews, Rec Tec has a competitive edge as far as an overall construction is concerned. Learn More about Rec Tec Grills here.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Camp Chef?

Even though Camp Chef grills have a great temperature range (from 160°F to 500°F), Louisiana Grills have better (from 170°F to 600°F). And, even though 100°F might not seem like too much, it really does make a difference when it comes to grilling and searing food. Whichever brand you choose, you won’t make a mistake. To find out more about Camp Chef Grills, click here.

Are Louisiana Grills better than Masterbuilt?

The biggest difference between Masterbuilt and Louisiana Grills is the price tag. You can find good-quality Masterbuilt smokers for less than $500, whereas Louisiana Grills units tend to be more expensive. However, both manufacturers offer grills that are almost of the same quality. Louisiana Grills tend to be larger and have a better temperature range. For more information about Masterbuilt Smokers, click here.

What are the common problems with Louisiana Grills?

Just like every other product, there are some problems you may encounter when using Louisiana Grills products. Something that many users complain about is the difficulty to maintain very low temperatures for cold smoking and low and slow cooking. Also, a few buyers complained that their grills would randomly shut off.

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