Smoked Salmon Pastrami Recipe

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The recipe for smoked salmon pastrami from ChefSteps is a tip of the hat to Pacific Northwest barbecuing, but is it any good? The answer is a resounding yes, according to our pitmasters. The recipe is easy to follow and simple to do, and will result in a deliciously smoky, savory fish with a slightly sweet bark.

Smoked salmon pastrami recipe from ChefSteps

The salmon pastrami from ChefSteps recipe is short and sweet, and to the point; it lays out the steps in brief detail that is easy to follow. The eight easy steps are outlined as:

  1. Make brine
  2. Brine the salmon for 48 hours
  3. Remove salmon from brine and gently pat dry
  4. Make spice rub
  5. Dust desired amount of spice rub on salmon
  6. Coat smoker racks with nonstick cooking spray
  7. Smoke salmon
  8. Cool and serve

The steps that require the most effort are the mixing of the spice rub and ensuring that the salmon is smoked properly. The smoker temperature should always be carefully monitored and maintained for consistency and keeping the salmon moist. The only difficult part about this recipe is truly the wait; the salmon should be soaked in brine for 48 hours beforehand, which requires early preparation and patience. Although the work itself is not hard, waiting two days for this delicious meal can be tough.

A uniquely flavored fish

Many other salmon pastrami recipes involve the baking of the salmon, but the salmon pastrami from ChefSteps is smoked, resulting in a uniquely flavored fish. The only downside to this recipe is that it does not offer any serving suggestions or recommended pairings, but rather leaves the decision up to you to choose how you want to enjoy your salmon pastrami. (We recommend serving with sour cream on potato chips or rye bread, if you’re stuck for inspiration.)

What we love the most about this ChefSteps recipe is that their ingredient and equipment list includes a quick link to buy what you need – how convenient is that! And of course, the 55-hour total preparation time makes the end result so much tastier. Those succulent, flaky bites that just melt in the mouth are definitely worth it! To make your own smoked salmon pastrami from ChefSteps, you can see the recipe here.

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